Evacuated Tube Solar Collector, Solar Water Heater Manufacturer

Sidite New Energy Co., Ltd. is a prominent Chinese manufacturer of energy-efficient solar products. Our company was incepted in 2004 with a registered capital of 12 million CNY. As a national hi-tech enterprise, we specialize in both non-pressurized and integrated pressurized solar water heaters.
    1. Evacuated Tube Collector with Inlet and Outlet at Manifold Bottom
    2. Evacuated Tube Collector with Inlet and Outlet at Manifold BottomThe evacuated tube collector with inlet and outlet at manifold bottom looks more artistic than the traditional type.
      Well sealed in the end of cover, it can also provide higher insulation efficiency.
      There is a big advantage that the medium (water or deicing fluid) in the manifold can be emptied.
    1. Adjustable Frame Evacuated Tube Collector
    2. Adjustable Frame Evacuated Tube CollectorThe solar collector has an adjustable frame, the degree of which can be adjusted to fit any latitude.
      The manifold can be moved to left or right side to fit different roof styles during installation.
      The frame material can use the aluminum alloy, and the thickness ranges within 2.0-3.0mm.
    1. U Tube Solar Collector
    2. U Tube Solar CollectorThrough evacuated tubes solar energy is converted into heat energy, which is transferred to U pipe by an aluminum fin with high heat absorption and low heat loss. The anti-freeze liquid or water in the U pipe heats up, and the U pipe conducts thermal energy to the water inside the storage tank directly or through internal copper coil. The U tube solar collector comes with a testing pressure of 1.2 MPa, and a working pressure of 0.6MPa.
    1. Split Solar Water Heating System with Two Heat Exchangers
    2. Split Solar Water Heating System with Two Heat ExchangersOnce the set value of the temperature of the heat pipe collector is achieved, the controller shall automatically start the circulation pump. Otherwise, the circulation pump shall be shut automatically
      The heat-conducting liquid achieves heat transfer to water by the heat exchanger in the water tank of this split solar water heating system.
    1. Split Flat Plate Collector Solar Water Heating System
    2. Split Flat Plate Collector Solar Water Heating SystemThe system comes with simple installation, no maintenance, and effective operation.
      It utilizes the flat plate collector with anti-freeze fluid contained.
      It allows for easy retrofitting to the existing system.
      It uses stainless steel storage tank with electrical back up element.
    1. Compact Stainless Steel Pressurized Solar Water Heater
    2. Compact Stainless Steel Pressurized Solar Water HeaterDue to the simple structure, it is easy to assemble and install. The flat plate diffuse reflector supports easy assembly with its module structure.
      The product can be used throughout the year in the cold climate.
      It can be used in combination with auxiliary electric booster.
      It has a long service life of 15 years.